About Sourijan

Sourijan is an edifice made of clay who has been able to withstand abrasion for more than two and a half centuries. Sourijan is an edifice made of wind who has been through ups and downs of life and has been able to survive in the snow, the rain, and adversity, with silence. Sourijan is an edifice made of water who has kept the heat of summer within itself serenely and brings you freshness through all of its corridors. Sourijan is an edifice made of fire whose tough, fiery earthenware has become hardened to live. And at last, Sourijan is a place for serenity. It is an atmosphere where all elements of nature have gathered to bring you peace and relive you from the burden of life even for a few minutes. Here, we take you back in time; where freshness was brought by the wind, heat by the sun, elegance by the water, and peace by the wind. The peace here is dedicated to you, and welcome to Sourijan.
The mansion of Sourijan Boutique hotel is an edifice dating back to more than 250 years ago when the foundation was laid in the Qajar dynasty. It is located on the first corridor, known as the Sourijan corridor, in an authentic, old neighborhood. It is placed in the historical site of Kashan giving you access to the antique, sumptuous buildings of the city. To enter Sourijan, you pass through an aesthetically stunning Sabat (hallway/corridor covered with astonishing arches) with its pavement adorned with grey setts; afterward, you reach a tranquil place with four platforms to unwind at the door (aka Pirneshin in Iranian architecture). The door on the right with white stone platforms (Pirneshin) is the Sourijan boutique hotel. Sourijan boutique hotel accommodates guests in 8 rooms including 4 suites named Shahneshin, Sedari, Denj, and Sardab. Also, three double rooms named Bamdad, Gozar, and Qalam. At last, a single room named Parna. All rooms are en suite with facilities including air-conditioning, telephone, minibar, bathroom, safe box, hairdryer, and wifi access. All the hotel staff speaks English, and there are a variety of tours with different subjects available, that you can get further information about from the reception. For our guests’ comfort, all the rooms have a pillow and winter/summer blanket menu. To maintain the peaceful atmosphere, there is no television set in the rooms, and to observe privacy for people’s peace of mind, no children under 12 are allowed.